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20 Apr

Eyebrows & Lash Accelerator

19 Apr

Before I left DC, I made one last visit to my eyebrow GURU at Dupont Threading. Nisha, IS the A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E best at keeping my eyebrows looking perfect. The shape of my brows totally changed the way my face looks. Clean, but not too thin, with a slight arch. I freaking love her and miss my old eyebrows.

Right now they look BEYOND HIDEOUS. I’ve had to grow them out because of a TRAGIC waxing episode at a local salon that shall remain nameless. I asked for the “technician” more like eyebrow rapist to clean them up. In less that 30 seconds she managed to burn me twice with wax and then proceed to terminate nearly two years of amazing eyebrow grooming. In the little shop of horrors, in the scary little waxing room, I was left with the thinnest brows ever, LIKE EVER.

So now, I’m in the process of growing them out. I can feel other women staring at them intently, wondering why has this poor girl not taken care of this situation. They are growing all sorts of crazy and at this point I don’t care. It’s been about a month and I’m thankful that I didn’t over pluck them during my teenage years when I went nuts with my tweezers.

My left eyebrow is growing at a normal rate and I’m pleased with its progress. My right one has some bald spots which have me slightly worried. When I noticed the irregularities I started to use Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Serum. This magic wand of hope is working. Every morning without fail I swipe this clear mascara-ish product ALL OVER my brows. I’m hoping that in about a month I will start looking normal.

Here is some brow inspiration if you’re in the market for fuller brows.


Maxi Dress by Leith

19 Apr

This is the Leith Maxi dress from Nordstrom that I totally love. So simple and easy to wear. Paired it with a vintage Chanel crossbody, Sam Edelman Sandals in olive and Anthropologie sunnies.




Basics: Leith Black Maxi Dress

13 Apr

Finally used my gift certificate to Nordies this weekend and picked up this gorge new maxi dress by Leith.

Nordstrom Leith Front Slit Maxi Dress

Rachel Zoe Black Maxi Dress



Ombré in Miami

6 Apr

I went back to Roberto Giordano Salon in Brickell today and instead of getting my usual highlights I went for an ombré look. I am obsessed with how it turned out. My stylist did such an amazing job. Follow her on Instagram at @simonettistyles Thanks Sil!

Roberto Giordano, Ombre,

Ombre, Hair Style, Roberto Giordano



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